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As a young boy, I discovered that writing offered a way to excel in school as well as reach out to people and win their praise. Youth passes quickly and I began my career as a freelance writer and editor for magazines and newspapers and went on to work in medical book publishing and later as an Internet editor for a large health insurance company. Literature and writing were my first love but the need to make a living took over, and like many former English majors I found myself doing technical and business-oriented writing and editing to pay the bills.

The happiest turning point in recent years came in 2006 when I married Debby Fradkin. It was a first marriage for both us. We were, how should I say it, a bit older than usual for that venerable walk down the aisle. Both of us owned town homes in different Montgomery County neighborhoods (North Wales and Horsham). We now had to combine households. However, we could not find a location that seemed right for building our lives together; no place seemed special enough for a second chance at life.

That is, until we discovered the beautiful and unusual Village of Skippack, the second happiest turning point in my recent life. In 2008, we bought a house in a new development in the heart of the village. We now spend many wonderful afternoons and evenings walking the sidewalk through town and stopping to talk to shop and restaurant owners and workers. We have come to know many wonderful people: Musicians, homebuilders, shopkeepers, local politicians, bartenders, bar patrons, artists, actors, and craftspeople as well as helpful neighbors who also make this town their home. This town has given me a new zest for living and reignited my creative spark. My blog is my attempt to give something back to the town. I seek to capture and describe everyday life here; support the people who make Skippack special, especially the entrepreneurs; and discover what one town, charming and enchanted but also struggling, can teach the world.

Michael Shaw

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